The smartest way to get the catch of the day

Fish Handlers Miami

The smartest way
to get the catch of the day

We understand the ins and outs of seafood handling. The transport and storage of perishables comes with specific needs and requirements. Our advanced freight forwarding solutions are uniquely designed to transport fish in a way that maximizes freshness, preserves quality, and ensures rapid delivery of your freight.

Seafood logistics doesn’t have to be a hassle. Let our handling experts coordinate the importing, inspecting, organizing, and shipping of your seafood product—so you can have peace of mind. Our strict, temperature-controlled environment guarantees peak awareness from loading dock to market delivery.

Let us customize a plan for you.


In the seafood industry there are many moving parts. At Go Fish Cargo we are constantly tracking, moving, and communicating with our clients. See how our digital inventory technology can work for you.

In the seafood industry, time is of the essence. We know that the minute that fish is caught the clock starts. When your cargo arrives we can quickly receive your cargo into our temperature controlled HACCP certified environment.

It’s pretty simple. Every box opened, every lot examined. We adopt the strictest quality assurance process to ensure our clients know what they are receiving.

We use only the highest quality clean water to make the perfect flake ice for the seafood industry. Learn more about the incredible benefits of flake ice.

Know the quality of your pelagics by using one of our expert fish graders.

We are in the fish business. We understand your needs. That’s why we go above and beyond every day to communicate well, keep you informed, and help your team succeed.

Inventory Control

Inventory Management

Never wonder about your shipment again. Our inventory management eliminates order errors and provides detailed information about your shipments, the inventory we have on hand, and order arrivals and departures.

Digital Tracking

Cutting-edge digital inventory technology allows us to track, manage, and monitor every delivery that comes in and out of our processing warehouse.

Shipping Where You Are

Years of experience in the freight forwarding industry, combined with our advanced technology, have helped us develop state-of-the-art inventory management systems that maximize the efficiency of order processing.

Minutes from MIA

Timing is everything

Located only seven minutes away from Miami International Airport, our warehouse is uniquely positioned for immediate transfer of incoming air freight to our cold storage facilities.

Air Freight Ready

With a location so close to the airport, our fish handlers are prepared to receive air freight deliveries at any time of day—in only a matter of minutes. Our team responds quickly to air freight arrivals, and keeps you informed of any airline delays while unloading.

Ready to Act

By drastically reducing the transfer time between the airport arrivals and our warehouse, we provide exceptionally quick turnaround time for re-delivery and unparalleled freshness.

Quality Matters

Every Box Opened

Quality is crucial to your business. Every shipment of fish we receive is immediately re-iced for transport, inspected for quality, inventoried, and re-packaged to be sent to its final destination—all while preserving freshness.

Every Lot Checked

Our expert team of seafood handlers take special care to check each shipment for order accuracy, quality of the catch, and the correct temperature. With diligent eyes looking over each order, we carefully minimize order errors.

Temperature Controlled

Temperature controls designed specifically with fish and seafood in mind ensure your product stays fresh throughout the entire inspection and transfer process—from initial receiving to final shipping.

Superior Flake Ice

Cold Transportation

We store and transport your fish on ice specially made with clean water, which promotes a longer shelf life and dramatically improves seafood freshness and quality.

Flaked Ice

Similarly, we use specialized, flaked ice rather than traditional, cubed ice. Flaked ice provides superior seafood preservation by protecting fish filets from damage, locking in moisture, and cooling seafood faster.

Ozonated Air - Clean Water

Our extra care in using flaked ice with clean water to transport your fish is one more way we guarantee a fresher, superior quality of seafood.

On-Site Grading Experts

Quality is Everything

Know the quality of fish before you buy. As an added service, our certified graders inspect every shipment of tuna and swordfish for color consistency, meat texture, fat content, and initial appearance by making a small incision in the tail.

Grading with Confidence

High quality tuna is especially important for Japanese sushi and sashimi markets. By using a Sashibo to check tuna filet for quality, our fish graders determine the caliber and freshness of every tuna in every shipment. We’ll provide you with reports of each certified inspection, so you receive all the essential information about the quality of tuna in an order.

Added Service

This critical step is just one more way we guarantee quality in our seafood. Contact us today to learn more about our certified graders and additional services.

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